WHAT WE SEE IN THIS BIG BANG THEORY VIDEO - Does this happen in the real world?

WHAT WE SEE IN THIS BIG BANG THEORY VIDEO - Does this happen in the real world?

Do Reel World reflect the Real World?


Does Real world get their ideas from Reel world?



What do you think?

While discussing this video, it might also be relevant to outline the topic of degrees of separation.

As per a 1967 sociological study called Milgram experiment, the degree of separation between any two connections was identified to be six.

With the advent of social media platforms, recent studies suggest that this separation has come down to 3.6.

With IoT based technologies becoming prevalent, this degree of separation could come down to 1 potentially limiting the potential for real Einstein, Ramanujan coming out of their shadows into spotlight in spite of progress in technological advancements, whereas half-baked cooks, and even crooks holding power at every position, as it might already been happening.

This is the reason our founder had mentioned years back in a series of articles starting with Blue Ocean, Red Ocean or Desert with One Tall Building about the current state of affairs. He pinpoints that what we have in this 21st century is the division between those with, and without resources which predominates rather than any other divisions.

It is also the potential reason that technological advancements has increased gini indices around the globe rather than decreasing it, and wealth gap almost on par with those seen during great depression times.

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